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Safe Home Inspections to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

TriCheck Home Inspections now adheres to InterNACHI COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and has completed the required InterNACHI training to help keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of the virus. Home Inspection is considered to be a lower risk activity compared to other professions, such as our doctors, nurses, and thoses who come into closer contact with a greater number of people. We should not fear a home inspection if proper precautions are taken. At this time, inspections performed by TriCheck Home Inspections will include these cautionary steps.

1) Disinfect hands before and after performing an inspection.

2) Disinfect inspection tools before and after performing an inspection.

3) Wear gloves throughout the inspection.

4) Wear face mask while inside the home.

5) Encourage inspections performed alone or with fewest attendees as possible.

6) Maintain 6 feet distance from any other person.

7) Avoid unecessary contact

8) Adjust processes as needed if industry or governmental safety guidelines change.

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