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Believe It Or Not!

Real photos of insanely dangerous, strange, head-scratching or just plain interesting conditions found during local home inspections. Some of these conditions are a result of basic maintenance neglect, some are poor attempts at making repairs, while others are from clever DIYer's who certainly value function over form.

Downspout Entering Into Shallow Well


While inspecting an old farm house, I wondered where this gutter down spout emptied.  After looking closer, I realized the downspout entered into an open shallow well located under the stones.  The well was still being used for drinking.  Gross!

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Basement Coal Bin and Asbestos Insulation


It was not uncommon for homes to have coal furnaces back in the day, but we don't see them too often anymore.  There was probably at least a ton of coal still left in this basement coal bin.  Unfortunately, whoever has to remove this, also has to contend with the asbestos pipe insulation that has crumbled all over the pile.

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